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The Bee Gees

Article still to be written on the immense musical achievement of the Bee Gees.

The longevity data for the band is shown below. First, here is the core line-up, the three brothers who were the Bee Gees.

Key statistics:

Average DOB: 14 November 1948

Current average age: 63 years 3 months

The true tragedy of the Bee Gees' premature deaths is made clearer when we consider the youngest brother, Andy, who was never a Bee Gee but had a solo career. The table below shows the four brothers. It is a sad fact that the brothers have passed in the reverse order of their births (Robin being 35 minutes older than his twin Maurice). The current average age of the four brothers is 54 years 11 months.


A happier picture is of the Bee Gees first UK line-up in the mid-60s that found chart success almost instantly.


The key statistics for this line-up (still Mainly Here) are:

Average DOB: 14 November 1948

Current average age: 67 years 11 months

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