All Things Must Pass

This site celebrates the giants of a generation of musicians that is now starting to leave us. The focus might appear morbid - it is not meant to be.


Rather, it celebrates the longevity and continuing creativity of a generation of musicians who never dreamed they could make life-long careers in the then-new rock 'n roll. But, it turns out, they could and many did.

And another old rocker has now turned 80 - Jorma Kaukonen, lead guitarist of Jefferson Airplane is 80 (23 December 2020). To celebrate this, and the fact that a number of rock musicians have also passed this threshold, please visit our Analysis of these living legends.

Please note - the site is currently undergoing a major refresh, during which old, outdated material will still be available for a while - please bear with us while we clean everything up.


Best place to start is probably with the Bands pages. We've grouped the bands into five categories, dependent on the survival rate of the membership. We're only focusing, initially, on major line-ups, although our database aims to track all recording line-ups. We're much less interested at this stage (although not uninterested) in touring line-ups.

Brief tributes to recent losses from across the world of music are on our Farewell page.

An "On this day..." feature is on our Celebrations page.