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About Us

This site is a celebration of the generation of musicians, mainly but not exclusively rock, that I grew up with, and whose numbers are starting to fall.

It's NOT meant to be morbid - honestly.

The site has been in gestation for many years - its genesis came when the passing of Ian McLagan caused the realisation that there was now only one Small Face still with us (and long may he be so). It got me to thinking about where all the music heroes of my youth were now, and to wondering about the longevity of the average musician (far in excess, I hoped, of the mythical 27, of which more on this site at some future point). 

This is a fan's site, for other fans. The site is still under construction, and will be built slowly, incrementally, and probably haphazardly.

It is supported by a powerful database that captures all you need to know about modern music (well, nearly modern). On the Celebrations page our scope is much wider than the narrow confines of rock that is the focus of the rest of the site.

Many thanks to Andrew Varley for his contribution to the site name.

If there's an error or omission that you spot, please let us know, through our Contact page.


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