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Ashton, Gardner and Dyke

Three musicians who paid their dues, and became well-connected in the process (with, for example, Ron Wood, George Harrison, Jon Lord) formed their power trio in 1968. Their one big hit was Resurrection Shuffle in 1971. The group was expanded by the addition of other musicians, particularly Mick Liber on guitar, and towards the end of their existence they appeared as Ashton, Gardner, Dyke and Co. They released three LPs before calling it a day in 1972. Roy Dyke and Kim Gardner joined Badger, before moving abroad - Dyke to Germany, Gardner to LA, where he ran a British pub for many years. Tony Ashton teamed up with Jon Lord to form Ashton & Lord; later, Ian Paice joined to make it Paice Ashton Lord.


Kim Gardner's daughter, Eva, is herself an accomplished bassist, and is currently a member of Pink's band.


The longevity data for the band’s power trio is shown below.

Key statistics

Average DOB: 14 June 1946

Current average age: 61 years 7 months

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