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Bread had two line-ups. The original line-up lasted from 1968 to 1971 and recorded three albums:

In 1971 Larry Knechtel replaced Robb Royer on bass and keyboards. This line-up lasted till 1973, then reunited in 1976, continuing more or less intact till 1978. It reunited again, supplemented by touring musicians for a 25th anniversary tour in 1996-97. This line up recorded three albums:


The longevity data for the band is shown below. We have shown the two line-ups separately, and have then consolidated all five members into one analysis.

Original Line-Up


Key statistics

Average DOB:  7 February, 1943

Current average age: 70 years 1 month

Second Line-Up


Key statistics

Average DOB:  9 July, 1942

Current average age: 67 years 10 months

Consolidated Line-Up


Key statistics

Average DOB:  8 August, 1942

Current average age: 69 years 11 months

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