Halfway Gone

This page is dedicated to those bands and line-ups half of whom are still with us.

The most under-rated band of the twentieth century.

The best live band I ever saw, no competition.

The prodigious talent of Steve Winwood, plus three other  - well, prodigious - talents

All right then, now and forever - blues rock from a great live band (Yes, that's Steve Winwood with them in the photograph)

Canterbury scene legends


Pioneers of the psychedelic San Francisco sound of the late 60s, with their roots in folk and blues. And still going today, in their Hot Tuna spin-off


Made for TV, but the members and the song-book are much better than "made for TV" implies. And anyone getting too sniffy about their members needs to recall that Stephen Stills was oh so close to being a Monkee.


Heavy, hard rock, not quite prog rock. Those of us who bought Nantucket Sleighride (I taped it off a friend's copy...) were truly gobsmacked when the title track turned up as the theme to ITV's political flagship programme Weekend World in 1972, in the days when nothing happened in the UK on a Sunday.

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