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This page is dedicated to those bands and line-ups where the survivors still outnumber those who have passed.

Spencer Davis pic.jpg

The Birmingham sound of R&B. Spencer Davis was the leader and founder, but the seminal talent was the youngest member, Steve Winwood.

PH pic.jpg

The real sound of The Summer Of Love, from a Southend R&B band that evolved into a prog-rock behemoth. 

Buffalo Springfield

The classic, original line-up. More Canadian than American.


Still going. Nostalgia for the nostalgia we had in the 70s for the 50s.

The Moody Blues

Birmingham's finest, from R&B to soft prog-rock, never quite properly appreciated.

stones bbc.jpg
The Rolling Stones

Surely the longest-lived of all rock bands, and still going strong. Greatest rock and roll band ever? Many think so.

Pentangle pic.jpg

Jazz folk, as opposed to the folk-rock for which it paved the way. Four supreme instrumentalists, topped off by exquisite vocals

King Crimson

Where prog-rock started, and where rock composition shifted up a gear


Rock 'n roll excess for sure, but the music was so much more than the heavy metal label often, and lazily, attributed to it

Wayne_Fontana_&_The_Mindbenders (1).png

Pop gold, and the start of (one half of) 10cc.

They made us believe, at least for a short time, in the magic of summer in the city

Photo credits

The Rolling Stones - BBC

Pentangle - Jac de Nijs for Antefo, available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

King Crimson (1972 line-up) - public domain, issued in 1974 by Atlantic Records, with no copyright markers

Led Zeppelin (1971) - public domain, promotional photograph issued by Atlantic Records

The Mindbenders - trade ad placed by Fontana Records in Billboard, 18 September 1965, with no copyright markers

The Lovin' Spoonful - trade ad for "Do You Believe in Magic" placed in Billboard, 21 August 1965, with no copyright markers

Page last updated 18 March 2024

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